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Turn common typing tasks into speed text

Reduce typing efforts, increase accuracy, and make online tasks more efficient

Includes speed keys, speed menu, speed files, and speed toolbar

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Microsoft Windows
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Reduce Typing Time With Speed Text !!

Speed Text
Tired of typing the same information over and over ?

Turn it into speed text !

Repetitive Typing Frustration ?
SPEED Keys is an app for quickly accessing frequently typed text. SPEED Keys lets you turn repeated typing tasks into rapid access speed text. With SPEED Keys, typing efforts are reduced, accuracy is increased, and online tasks are more efficient.

SPEED Keys is so simple and versatile, once you begin using it, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it !!

More Than Hot Keys
SPEED Keys goes beyond typical hot keys programs by providing quick access to speed text in several different ways.

Some people are very adept with the keyboard, and can memorize 25 or more hot key sequences. Others prefer to remember just a few hot keys, while mostly using a pointing device. Some users like toolbars, some like menus, and some like a combination of everything.

Use the typical approach and retrieve speed text with user-defined hot keys. Or, instead of trying to remember tons of different hot key combinations, use the system tray speed menu or the convenient popup speed menu.

Maybe you will prefer using speed files, or making a desktop speed toolbar. It's up to you.

Improve Efficiency And Accuracy
SPEED Keys is the type of general purpose app that practically everyone can use to improve typing accuracy and efficiency. SPEED Keys even supports multi-line speed text.

Use SPEED Keys for any text that you frequently type on a regular basis, including...
  • user names
  • email addresses
  • credit card data
  • email signatures
  • phone numbers
  • instant message phrases
  • URLs

Costs Less Than $5
There are no subscription or usage fees, annual licenses, data limitations, time limitations, feature restrictions, or other pricing tricks that make you pay over and over.

SPEED Keys eliminates all the pricing trickery.
one-time payment, unlimited use, forever license


CNET Reviewers
Rating: 4 stars
- Excellent !!

We like SPEED Keys


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