SPEED Keys significantly reduces typing effort
SPEED Keys provides rapid access to speed text
SPEED Keys is intuitive and easy to use
SPEED Keys is great for entering user names and email addresses

Full Version
The full version of SPEED Keys allows you to use all features without restrictions.

SPEED Keys contains a forever license. There is no need to re-purchase the app each year. However, it is recommended to check for updates from time to time. In the event that Windows changes its processing, an upgrade might be required.

Payment is made via PayPal. You will have to provide some credentials to PayPal when making an online payment. There is no sign-up or registration on this website.

You must be physically located in the United States in order to buy SPEED Keys.

Buy Online
After accepting the terms and conditions, click the PayPal button.

Option to download and test the demo version of SPEED Keys
I understand that, before making a purchase, I have the option to download the demo version of the software, to test that the app successfully installs on my computer system, to test that the app successfully runs on my computer system, to test that the app successfully performs as designed, and to test that the app successfully meets my speed text needs.

I understand there are NO REFUNDS for the full version of the app
I understand there are



After you complete the payment process, a download link should appear immediately on the PayPal website. Make sure to click the download link before closing the PayPal page.

If you have any trouble with the download, contact customer support. For verification, include your confirmation number from your email receipt.

SPEED Keys costs less than $5

SPEED Keys can use hot keys for speed text

SPEED Keys can use popup menus for speed text

SPEED Keys is a general purpose app for practically anyone

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